What is a Pitch Pocket?

What’s the Purpose Of Pitch Pockets

First let’s start with its use. A pitch pocket is used on both sloped and flat roofs to provide a water-tight seal around columns or other roof penetrations. On traditional installations, metal boots or pipe sleeves are used for water-tight protection but often a specialty flashing is required, this is also called a pitch pocket. A pitch pocket is usually made from sheet metal such as aluminum or steel and is fitted around the rooftop penetration to protect the roof from moisture.

Integrity and Water Resistance

Any type of flat roof penetration can compromise the integrity and weather-resistance of an entire roof. These openings can allow moisture to get into the insulation and framing below the roof membrane which can lead to rotting, mold, and other roof problems. Whenever a penetration or installation is made on a flat roof, metal flashing and counter flashings are installed.
A traditional pitch pocket resembles a top hat with an open top and bottom. The flanges at the bottom of the pitch pocket are fastened to the top of the roof structure with vertical sections that are fitted around the unit, pipes or other rooftop equipment installed on the roof. The open seam is aligned using built-in connectors or grooves. Houston Roofing Contractors usually build and install custom pitch pocket models which will require welding or special adhesive to ensure a water-tight seal. Some pitch pockets models can also be hammered together using an interlocking seam.

A Better Process

Coal or tar pitch used to be the material of choice to seal equipment to the roof decking which is where the name “pitch pocket” comes from. Currently, hot asphalt or grout is poured into the top of the pitch pocket to form a tight seal. Filling in the gaps between the base of the pocket and the roof is what prevents water from leaking into the roof so a roofing expert must know the right material to use for each different type of roofing system.

Roof Top Equipment Installation

Roofing Contractors also install rooftop equipment as well as pitch pocket installation afterward. They should understand that a pitch pocket is not designed to prevent shifting or movement of a rooftop object; the rooftop equipment must be installed properly first. If it is deemed necessary due to the rooftop equipment or age of the roof, a storm collar or other type of counter flashing can be installed to ensure there are no roof leaks. A storm collar is fitted tightly around the protruding pipe and extended out the base covering the top of the pitch pocket.

Pitch pocket services:

  • pitch pocket repair
  • pitch pocket installation
  • pitch pocket reinforcement
  • pitch pocket replacement
  • rooftop equipment installation


Flat Roof Replacement

Flat Roofs Are All The Same

Cost-effective flat roof replacement requires careful planning. For a Houston commercial or industrial flat roof replacement, there is no universal standard solution – every measure must be individually planned and object-based. No flat roof replacement is the same the last one, each project requires special demands on planning and execution. The flat roof replacement methods required depending on the investigation, evaluation and detailed planning. For a successful commercial industrial flat roof replacement, detailed examination of the roof area on site with subsequent damage analysis is essential. Before the replacement of your flat roof, a site inspection is required and an individually tailored flat roof replacement plan should be completed. Professionally planned flat roof replacements begin with determining the state and condition of the current flat roof. Only when the construction and condition of the flat roof are known in detail, a decision on the remedial measures can be made and carried out.

Get Your Roof Inspected

If you think your industrial or commercial flat roof Houston may need to be replaced or re-roofed, a thorough thermo-graphic infrared roof inspection should always be the first step. Many contractors will immediately recommend a completely flat roof replacement because they cannot source the leaks. An infrared inspection should be a priority before any work begins.

The following is a small sample of what you’ll want to look for in your inspection:

  • Type of existing flat roof waterproofing
  • Layer sequence of the flat roof structure and state of functional layers
  • Moisture content in the insulation, capable of penetration with the use of IR scans
  • Technical installations on the roof (skylights, HVAC, air units, etc.)
  • Existing damage to the sealing surfaces
  • Notes regarding the emergence and details of flat roof damage

Free Annual Roof Inspection Programs

Flat roof replacements can be complex and costly. Many
Houston, TX commercial, and industrial flat roofs are replaced prematurely due to the lack of proper investigations and maintenance. As your flat roof ages, leaks and repairs will become more frequent. Don’t give father time and mother nature a chance to catch up to your flat roof. Some contractors offer a Free Annual Roof Inspection Program. This will ensure the small problems will be found and taken care of before they become the source of a major expense.

Annual Inspection and Maintenance

Before your flat roof completely breaks down, you have the choice: either recover your flat roof or replace it now before you have no choice in the matter. In many instances, flat roof recovery might seem like the best option simply because it’s less expensive. That’s because there are more materials and labor involved in a replacement. In some cases, recovering might make sense. If there are plans in the works to sell the building in the near future, organizations won’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a replacement that won’t bring any benefit. But on facilities that will be owner-occupied for the foreseeable future, such as government buildings or universities, a total roof replacement may actually cost less in the long-term when all benefits are considered. If you are doubting the integrity of your current flat roof, schedule an appointment for an initial flat roof inspection, free consultation and further analysis on the status of your current flat roof. In the case of your commercial or industrial flat roof being damaged beyond repair, you’ll want warranting, high quality and cost-effective flat roof recovery and replacement services.